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SNAP BACK to your true self.

Meet Lily


My Story goes like this...

Nice to meet you! I am Lena Kennedy. I was born and raised in, and now proudly serve the Pace area of NWFL.
I became a mom at age 21, and on that journey, I have experienced all the heartache that comes with mourning the life I had before. I seemed to lose myself to my new title and role. Society puts an unreal amount of expectations on us moms and how they think we should be, so we often place ourselves on the backburner to avoid judgmental eyes and mouths. I am here to help you SNAP out of that. You are worthy of so much more. While most beauty professionals in my industry focus on what's trendy, I focus on each person that visits my room's unique style, and what she truly needs. Tired of spending forever getting ready for the day? Don't have time to put yourself together AND get the kids out the door on time? I FEEL you. I guarantee a low-maintenance and daily-wearable look that will have you looking effortlessly perfect every day!
When I am not in the salon, I am often at the gym working on my strength and build for the next lifting competition. I make sure to take care of myself and prioritize my health so that I am able to energetically and enthusiastically show up for my daughter. 

I value a work/life balance, so I handle most things regarding appointments digitally so that I don't take time away from family when I am home! Follow the easy 3 steps on my new guest page to ensure everything is in order! Any questions you may have can be found here or my booking page. I look forward to meeting you!


Image by Tania Medina

Lash Extensions

Custom mapping & thickness | $57.95/hr

Image by Akram Huseyn


Custom Shaping, Tinting, Lamination | $57.95/hr

Image by Hanna Postova

Full Body Waxing

From brows to toes, any hair can be removed | $57.95/hr

Mary's Testimonial

"I love this place! My lashes ae very few & far between due to chemotherapy in 2015. But Lena does a great job of filling them in. I actually have lashes & they don't look fake. Thanks, Lena!"

Danielle's Testimonial

"Lena is awesome! I have gotten a brow tint & wax and a classic set of eyelashes & they have all been nothing short of spectacular! She makes the whole experience professional and relaxing. 10/10 recommend!"

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