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My signature services:

When you see "SNAP BACK" in front of a service name, you will be booking one of my signature services culminating in multiple services that create the best outcome you can imagine! These services take anywhere between 2.5-4 hours and combine head-to-toe perfection. 


The SNAP BACK Signature Style


This service is my signature combo service that includes lash extensions. This service focuses on brightening up and bringing contrast to your facial features in the most flattering way. When you book this service, you will have 2.5-4 hours with me that are all about you! You get a full eye map and brow map to guarantee the most fitting results, the lash extension style of your choice, and a brow wax and tint.


If you struggle getting both you AND your children completely ready for the day and out the door on time, this service is what you should book! No longer worry about what you will look like- you will wake up looking put together every morning, with little effort by you! Brows done + Lashes done = no more need for daily makeup. That's freedom!

For more info on the different lash extension styles I have to choose from, 

Ready to take back control of your mornings and your time management?


The SNAP BACK Signature Wax


This service is my signature combo service that includes waxing. If you are tired of those "everything" showers where you have to shave head to toe every week, and the maintenance shaving every other day, this is for you! Imagine you only have to upkeep your waxing service every 4-6 weeks, and imagine being totally hairless for 2-3 of those weeks. What a dream, right? 


When you choose to wax, you get zero irritation bumps, zero stubble, and zero itchy regrowth. Ingrown hairs will be a thing of the past. Waxing will not only save you time in the short term, it will save you long term money as well. When you book this signature service, you will book 2 hours with me and we will get you right. Brazilian wax, under arm wax, leg wax, and you are also free to choose a brow wax for no extra charge if we have time left!

Are you ready?

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